NCS Moving Services offers a wide range of services to handle your moving, installation and asset management requirements quickly, efficiently and with the least disruption.

Recurring Services

NCS Moving Services works closely with companies to maintain flexible, productive workspace environments.

Office Relocation

It takes thoughtful planning and meticulous execution to move an operating work team from one physical environment to another. Your NCS Moving Relocation Specialist will work hand in hand with your facilities managers and/or office managers to ensure a smooth process at both locations, in order to get your work team back up and running with minimal disruption.

Modular Furniture Installation

NCS will help you engineer and build your workplace to optimize productivity. Our expert installers consistently create exciting spaces designed to support productivity, innovation and collaboration.

Equipment Setup

Our movers provide expert care and handling of sensitive equipment. We have worked with a wide variety of equipment used by medical and biotechnology firms. We've handled living cultures and other fragile, environmentally sensitive specimens. We've handled computer servers and networking devices.

Office Furniture Deliveries

A punctual delivery of your furniture is critical to the success of your office business. Our professional drivers are trained and ready to help complete any and all of your delivery needs. Our drivers meet regularly with the operations manager and project managers to insure that all of the critical elements are covered upon the delivery. They will deliver and install all your furniture, take out the trash, and wipe down all the furniture so that it is ready for your move in.

Medical Equipment Assembly

Proper installation of your medical equipment is crucial to maximize productivity and reduce distraction. NCS's installation crews are ready to meet the challenge. We'll help you keep pace with your project and stay on budget.

No matter which product you select or the complexities involved, our installers have the skills to ensure seamless installation & delivery. We'll work closely with your facilities manager, and arrive with all the tools, equipment, and personnel required to finish the job. We'll be there when products are first delivered and we'll be there during the final walkthrough. Our job isn't done until you're satisfied.Proper installation of your medical equipment is crucial to maximize productivity and reduce distraction. NCS's installation crews are ready to meet the challenge. We'll help you keep pace with your project and stay on budget.

Crating and Shipping

It is common that furniture, medical equipment, or electronics need to be shipped. At NCS, we have experience crating your items, and setting up shipping for your convenience. Wooden crates offer more strength and more protection than corrugated containers. The style of wooden crates we choose is based on the load, dimensions, value, and characteristics of the item that the crate is expected to handle. Whatever, you wanted shipped, we will handle it with care and make sure it arrives safely.

Warehousing and Storage

NCS has the capability to handle short term or long term warehousing and distribution for any size project. Locally, we have clean, safe and secure storage for items requiring racking.

Hanging White Boards and Artwork

The looks and functionality of office are chaning. Every business needs to evaluate its layout, furniture, communications channels and workflow in order to keep up. That is why NCS has skilled and professional installers to hang your white boards, art work, or any other apparatus that you need installed.

Installation of Flat Screen TV's, Monitors, Projectors, Speakers

Unlike most installation service companies, NCS has the skilled craftsman to install factory components with finish carpentry into superior work environments. Our vast number of highly trained craftsman can complete your job with high quality craftsmanship to meet your deadlines.

Project Management

Relocations, furniture installations, deliveries, and coordination can be complex, but with NCS, it doesn't have to be. Our Project Management Team brings common sense to complex workplace environments. Working directly with the client and account executive, they will seamlessly plan the entire process and effectively manage it each step of the way.

Asset Management

Whether stored at your site, or in our warehouse, our operations manager and storage system will keep your inventory updated. Once logged and inventoried, you will have the ability to check inventory. You will be able to plan with an up to date inventory for changes and additions to your office.

Our design team can help you plan your next project using your existing inventory or blending new and existing product for a new look.

Shelving & Fixtures Assembly

NCS Moving Services routinely crafts, assembles and installs shelves, benches, tables and other working surfaces in office, commercial and light industrial settings. These services are available in conjunction with a move or as a separate service.

Recycling and Disposal

NCS is committed to doing its best to reduce, reuse and recycle. We want to empower our clients to do the same. That's why we help facilitate the proper disposal and brokering of your out-of-date, worn-out and broken office furniture, medical, and electronics equipment. We also offer convenient pickup of your items, seven days a week.